• Blade-Runner Tackle Trix Tube Jig Heads 1/4-1/2oz

    $4.99 $4.25

    Blade Runner Trix Tube Jig is an innovative tube jighead that was created to give your favorite tubes a unique action that is different than any other tube jighead on the market to help you catch more fish. Molded with a long torpedo style weight and a line tie that is positioned farther back than traditional tube jigheads, the Blade Runner Trix Tube Jig allows your tube to glide through the water instead of just falling straight to the bottom. Anglers can also impart small twitches with the rod to create an underwater walk-the-dog style action, which is something the fish have never seen before. Backed by a Mustad Ultra Point hook that delivers proven hook setting performance, the Blade Runner Trix Tube Jig is a must-have for avid tube anglers.