• Cashion ICON Swimbait Rods


    The personal best breaker. Built for big baits and big fish. The Cashion ICON Swimbait Rods deliver the best American-made performance needed to cast those big swimbaits and get those trophy class fish to the boat. The ICON Swimbait rod is strong enough to handle anything from 1-6 oz. swimbaits without sacrificing a shred of that sensitivity that you know and love. Cashion makes the choice easy because you know these rods are of the highest quality. We beefed up the eyes on this rod to size 6 guides to get the heavier line and leader knots through without sacrificing distance, sensitivity and control

    How We Make Our Rods…

    Cashion ICON blanks have to be experienced. You will feel the difference. The ICON blanks are designed and rolled in Sanford, NC with American sourced carbon fiber pre-preg with an engineered and upgraded epoxy. The first thing you will notice about the new ICON rods is how light they feel in your hand. ICON blanks are un-sanded, which protects the blank with an epoxy encapsulation, making them more impact resistant, as well as adding a signature, distinguished look.

    The Cashion ICON Swimbait Rod is designed with a high-quality American Tackle graphite Reel Seat, and size #6 guides which give you unheard of sensitivity and control. The Cashion ICON Swimbait Rod features a new cut down reel seat with less threads to maximize your comfort and minimize weight. All ICON rods feature a butt and fore grip manufactured using carbon fiber / fiberglass, which feels great in your hands as well as increasing durability. Cashion grips are more durable than cork or foam, plus they are denser, which allows vibrations experienced at the rod tip to travel directly to your fingertips.