• Cashion ICON Flipping Rods

    $219.95 $215.00

    Flipping and pitching started out using big heavy “Broom stick” rods with 25lb mono filament. With the advancements over the last 30 years, anglers are now able to have a diverse selection of line, hooks, and baits. It really has become a discipline for many anglers all across the country. We all know Florida is known for punching grass mats, and Kentucky Lake is legendary for spring time flipping bushes. You need a rod that will handle anything that you throw at it. That’s why, Cashion Rods has developed the ICON flipping rod, specifically to handle any situation you might need it for.

    The Guts Of Our Flipping Rods

    We have designed an All American rod with American Tackle components, such as exposed reel seat, and Micro-guides. Our Signature carbon fiber / fiberglass grip provides extra sensitivity along with a comfortable grip that won’t slip when setting the hook on those big double digit bass. Carbon fiber construction that is sourced in the USA and pre-preg developed in our warehouse in North Carolina. Making it an extremely light, yet even tougher rod. You won’t find a more technologically advanced flipping stick on the market today and is a MUST have in every anglers repertoire.

    We have four models to cover your every needs, no matter where you are in the country. These Cashion ICON flipping rods are a force to be reckoned with, whether you set the hook on that tournament winning fish, or just trying to break your personal best!

    *Measured from the back of the reel seat to the butt