DD26 Rods


DD26 Rods Made For Specific Techniques

 Our Fishing Rods are designed with specific techniques in mind. Most rod companies are taking cheap imported blanks with preset flex, load and tip, then they try to fit the square peg in the round hole by telling you it's for this technique or that technique.  We think the blank and characteristics of the overall rod should be build based on what an angler does with each rod.  Don't you?  Cranks, drop shot, topwater/twitch, worm jig, frog etc., made custom the way it should be increasing your feel and hookup ratio!

Our Blanks are unique designs that meet the needs of hardcore anglers. They have a durable matte black finish and are made from mid-modulus C2 carbon material. The blanks feature an enhanced carbon fiber wrap to ensure durability and keeping the action of the blank true.

  1. Grip - High density EVA with composite cork accents
  2. Silver Trim - Anodized aluminum
  3. Real seat - ALPS two piece seat with blank thru construction. More hand contact for feel
  4. Kigan Z Series guides - Kigan holds US patent for guide design. Sheds line to eliminate wind knots, strong yet very light design
  5. XLA hookkeeper - Fits up to a 7/0 hook without your bait falling off