Fin Clip Belly Weights For Bass Care

$8.99 $7.50

5 Pack of Fin Clip Belly weights for Deep caught Bass to help them naturally release air from their swim bladders.

Most tournament anglers have pulled a fish from deep water at some point, and know the pain of struggling all day to keep it alive, only to weigh it in dead at the end of the day.

When bass are pulled from deep water, their air bladder swells and often causes the fish to go "belly up" in your live well. If it does make it to weigh in alive, it's chance of survival when released is minimal.

Attach one or more Fin Clip Belly Weight to the bottom fin and your fish no longer needs to focus it's energy on turning over to submerge their gills back into the water. The Belly Weight is a fish friendly accessory that significantly increases a fish's chances of survival.

Made by Tim Townsley, Each powder coated a different color.

Each one weigh's 1.20oz

American Made Mueller Elec Co Clips