Ionic 2 Bank Charger 36V10A, 12V10A

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2 Bank Battery Charger Stats

  • While most bank chargers are for 12V batteries only, this can charge one 36V and one 12V Lithium (LiFePo4) battery at 10A at the same time.
  • Green and Red indicator lights for charging status. (Green: Power or Charging Completed. Red: Charging).
  • Lightweight and low profile design.
  • Can also be used for 2-3 bank charging system.
  • Can be used for lead acid or AGM batteries.
  • Ionic Lithium app shows charge level and time to charge when using Ionic Lithium Batteries.
  • 60in (5ft) cable length on each bank.
  • First-class Warranty.
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This charger is built with 2 separate banks, with a 10A current on each channel. One handles 12V batteries, and the other is for 36V. Here are additional specifications:

Ionic 2 Bank Battery Charger Specifications:

Input 110V/120VAC at 7.5A
Output Power 584W
Charge Voltage 14.6V
Float Voltage 13.8V
Current 10A each Channel
Weight 11 lbs
Size 12 in x 9.5 in x 2 in

You may also use this charger for 48V, 36V, 24V or 12V systems. To charge two 12V and one 36V battery, you can place your two 12V batteries in parallel.

What kind of batteries can I use with this 2 bank charger?

This Ionic charger has certain “extra” functions that work only with lithium batteries. For example, when charging an Ionic lithium battery, you can view charge level and time to charge on our mobile app via Bluetooth.

However, you can also use this charger with lead acid and AGM batteries. It charges to 14.6V by constant current at 10A, then floats to 13.8V. Charging a lithium battery and a lead acid battery at the same time will not harm either battery.

In addition, this smart 2 bank battery charger is a “set it and forget it” gadget. Simply connect your batteries and walk away. No need to unplug once one or both batteries have reached 100%. Our Ionic charger can charge lithium, lead acid, and AGM batteries together without damaging them. It will switch to float mode to protect batteries once fully charged.