• Magnum Wiggle Warts

    $1.40 $0.99

    True reproduction, I sent an original Wiggle Wart to have these made. One of the best crankbaits ever made. 

    Overall Length Bill to tail 3-3/4"

    Body width at widest:1 1/8" +

    Weight .50-.54

    High Quality

     These baits are noted for their fish-enticing wide wobble and steep diving characteristics. They are able to reach depth quickly and stay there longer, which in turn, gives you more time in the strike zone. In addition, . Wiggle Warts are used for just about any gamefish that inhabits North America including salmon and steelhead, walleye, and of course, largemouth and smallmouth bass. Bump one of these beauties off a few sticks or grind them through the rocks and see if you don't get the rod ripped out of your hand.