Okuma EVX Casting 7'-10" Heavy

$169.00 $140.00

7’10”, Fast Action, EVx-C-7101Hb (heavy), EVx-C-7101XHb (extra-heavy)

Loaded with power, these are the rods for heavy-duty techniques. The heavy power EVx-C-7101Hb, rated for 12-25-pound line and ½- to 2-ounce baits, pulls duty for light punching, casting A-Rigs and throwing the largest, deepest-diving crankbaits. Go to extra-heavy power in the EVx-C-7101XHb, and line and lure ratings increase to 15- to 30-pound and ½- to 2-1/2-ounce. This is the “meat stick” for punching heavy cover and flipping heavy baits in the 1- to 2.5-ounce range.