• RIO RICO by Lobina Lures

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    RIO RICO 2 7/8”, 7/16 oz. #4 Gamakatsu hooks

    The RICO is considered to be the most demanded topwater lures by tournament pros and serious fishermen alike.  The intricacies of design paired with the finest components makes the RICO a championed chugger.  Refined shaping of the cupped mouth paired with a precisely balanced body emulates injured baitfish like no other chugger.  A hand laid foil finish/painting, a feather trailer and Gamakatsu hooks and the endorsement of 4 time BassMaster’s Classic Champion, Rick Clunn completes the perfection.

    The RICO was one of the first Japanese fishing lures to hit the American waters in 1991.  Rick Clunn and Norio Tanabe, a Japanese pro and lure designer, collaborated to create a perfect popper right out of the box.  In the early years, fishermen would beg, borrow and stealto get their hands on one.  It’s stood the test of time and the legacy continues.

    Lobina Length Weight Class Hook Size
    Rico 2 3/8" 1/4oz Topwater Gama #6
    Rio Rico 2 7/8" 7/16oz Topwater Gama #4