• Shimano Scorpion MG1000 6.3:1 Right Hand USED


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    Shimano Scorpion MG 1000/1001 (Japan domestic model) now has magnesium alloy body to reduce weight by 2 oz from original Scorpion reels. Scorpion MG has super casting ability especially for light rigs 1/8-1/4. The light small palming body is also great for jig and worming. The dial adjusting brake (4x4 system, only for Scorpion) help you change brake by one touch, without opening sidepalte. The ultra light super free wiffle spool assures you non-birdsnest casting even in tough casting conditions. A-RB bearing offer improved salt resistance. Okay for saltwater. How 4x4 SVS brake system works

    Scorpion MG 1000 6.2:1 175/6.2 70mm short 8 lb-110yds,12lb-90yds