• Sure-Life Please Release Me

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    PLEASE RELEASE ME™ Bass Holding-Release Formula

    Use In Livewells and Weigh-In Tanks To Help Keep Bass Alive

    Calms Your Catch
    Replaces Slime Coat
    Helps Heal Hook Wounds
    Reduces Weight Loss
    Removes Chlorine
    Readily Dissolves
    The most advanced product on the market today, PLEASE RELEASE ME™ is found nationwide in the hands of both professionals and amateurs. Handsomely packaged, reasonable priced and with proven effectiveness, PLEASE RELEASE ME™ is the present and the future in catch and release formulas.

    With superior dissolving capabilities, improved calming effects and an overwhelming ability to remove both heavy metals and pesticides (both of which can be especially harmful in coves or canals), PLESE RELEASE ME™ is the choice of champions. UsePLEASE RELEASE ME™ in both livewells and weigh-in tanks as both a conservation measure and to assure that tournament points are not lost due to dead bass. Technically, PLEASE RELEASE ME™ will:

    Calm your hard caught tournament catch so that injury in the livewell is reduced.
    Reduce losses from stress by the all important addition of electrolytes back into the bass.
    Helps bass from regurgitating stomach contents which helps stop weight loss.
    Immediately removes any harmful chlorine which may be present from melting ice.
    Helps heal both hook and net wounds.
    Replaces the all important natural slime coat of the bass.
    To use, simply add one teaspoon to 10 gallons of water. One cupful treats 500 gallons of water. If you are using a recirculatung livewell, add more PLEASE RELEASE ME™ when water no longer appears bluish green. Keep container closed when not in use.

    In addition to the use of PLEASE RELEASE ME™, we also recommend that the following helpful hints be studied and practiced to help keep more bass alive:

    Keep the water cool, especially during warmer months with ice. If water is 75°F or higher, cool water by 15°F.
    Always wet hands before handling bass to reduce the effects of removing any slime coating.
    Handle bass carefully trying not to rub bass against abrasive objects such as carpet on boat.
    Place a pinch of PLEASE RELEASE ME™ on local wounds to help in the healing process.
    If holding bass by lower jaw, lift in perfectly vertical position. If you must hold in horizontal direction, then help support under stomach with free hand. Otherwise, damage may occur to lower jaw.

    SL150 Treats 10 Gallons for 6-8 Hours

    SL152B Treats 100 Gallons

    SL153 Treats 500 Gallons

    SL155 Treats 2,400 Gallons

    SL154 Treats 9,600 Gallons

    SL156 Treats 28,800 Gallons