$22.00 $16.00

    1. 5 Arms (1@7”, 4@5.25”)
    2. 4 Nickel Plated Brass Blades
    3. 1.25” Nickel Brass Blades Standard
    4. Roller Swivels on Blades
    5. 75#  Swivels with Coastlock Clips
    6. .040 Nickel Gray Wire
    7. Salt Water Ready


    This is a Standard Duty rig that is recommended for Large Mouth, Small Mouth, or any Predator Fish. 

    NOT recommended for Stripers over 10#.  Use our HD, HDB or HDG wire products.


    Rig are made BY HAND using hand tools only.  Will hold up and if stored properly between uses will resist breakage for multiple fish.  One customer stated he had caught over 100 fish on the same rig before experiencing any breakage. There is NO bulky head up front since the rig is headless using our Brazing technique to assemble the wires.  Testing shows there was not any difference in the size or number of fish caught with or without some fancy head on the rig.  We also are now installing a Brass Collar behind the braze to allow a bending point away from the braze to reduce or eliminate any breakage.