GAS FILLED LIFT SPRINGS Choose Length & Pounds


The Sea-Dog Gas Filled Lift Springs have a special multi-lobe seal that provides lasting service life. They have a chrome and powder coated steel and bronze construction with polymers and nitrogen gas.

*Uses/Application KEY: 1=Marine, 2=RV, 3=Tool Box/Utility, 4=Truck Cap These Gas Filled Lift Springs and hardware are manufactured to marine OE standards and have been installed in marine and RV applications for many years. You can count on our high quality and a 2-year warranty on all Sea-Dog® Gas Filled Lift Springs. Sea-Dog® Gas Filled Lift Springs are the ideal choice for all marine, RV, truck cap, tool box, and utility applications because of their unique, multi-lobe seal which offers superior service life and performance. Hard chromium plated shafts, bronze bushings, and polymer end fittings mean you are buying THE BEST. Other applications for Sea-Dog® Gas Filled Lift Springs: Engine or access hatches, doors, tool boxes, golf carts, canopies, seating, RV doors, furniture, truck caps, and utility boxes. Accepts 10 mm ball.